Monday, June 29, 2009

This is our God...

You knew everything about me, before I was even formed.

You know every word I speak, years before I speak them.

You see my heart, & how it longs for the things of You.

You see the real me, when no one else can, you always do.

You see how fragile we, Your creation, really are.

You love us with an unreplicable love.
How precious to us are Your thoughts O' God, they out number the sand.

Your ways are not our ways, Your thoughts are so much higher.

Your heart is to see us grow, to be just like You, Father, the only One who will never leave us or forsake us.

You love us with an undying love.

I love You, with ALL that's within me, my soul, my spirit longs for You, I can't get enough.

Let my praise be a sweet smelling fragrance to You, that You can't get enough, You must have more & more.

My jealous One, the only One who can & will fill all the voids in me, the ones that NO man can fill. Their love can't compare to Yours, it's nothing like it.

Your Light outshines the darkest of nights. Darkness is as Light to You.

Your love is life.

Let us be still. Let us wait patiently & know; You are God, You do great & mighty things.

From ashes to ashes, Your love will remain...You will remain...Only You remain...


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Anonymous said...

I wrote a blog similar to this one a couple weeks ago. He is so unfathomable, yet He is so near to us every hour of every day. Words cannot describe Him, our purest purity is filthy rags in light of His holiness. He is infinitely bigger, stronger, wiser, and greater than anything we can think of and any problems we may have. He orchestrates the heavens; how foolish and selfish we are to only give Him a couple of minutes or fewer every day. I praise the Lord for His great majesty, and pray for a vision of the fullness of His glory to fall upon this generation. Never be satisfied with what you have. Keep seeking His face and His heart!