Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let the other's see you've got your victory...

There's a Light at the end of this tunnel shining bright, oh, so bright.
I can't take my eyes off of It,
It draws me in.
Everytime I blink, I long for every second my eyes missed a chance to gaze upon It's beauty, longing to see that picture of perfection...the hope that keeps me going.
I'm reaching...approaching
My hand reaches out for It, I'm almost there...until...doubt rushes towards me, full speed ahead, knocking at my door, unresting, unending.
The Light gets further, and further away, as I pull myself from It, propelled by doubt...fear...anger...pain...
Why am I going through this fire, I thought I gave everything to You, I held nothing back from You...
or so I thought.
I wouldn't listen, I took my heart out of Your hands, and I let someone who it didn't belong to have it...hold it...crush it...break it...throw it away.
I lay there, crying out to anyone who would listen, my heart beside me...I frantically search for all of the pieces, but found one missing,
then I was never there to begin with.

I hear the voice of One so gentle, loving, & kind...
I lift my head to find I'm back in the tunnel; there's the Light, I'm closer then I was before.
I see Him pointing to an object that's next to me, an object that has been refined by fire, it looks new, pure, unscathed,
I pick it up to see that it was the heart that had been broken, dashed to pieces, it had been mended, I find all of the pieces there, even the one that had been missing, it's shaped like the One standing before me.
I stand in awe, gazing into His loving eyes.
With tears running down my face, I reach over and hand the heart to Him...knowing it's now in the right hands.
He gazes into my soul and smiles, opens His arms, I run into them, unwilling to let Him go.
He holds my heart so close to His, I won't take it back.
He leads me further, I find I'm no longer in the tunnel, the darkness disappears,
now I'm standing in the Light...

"I was with you in the valley,
and up upon that hill.
So take just one more step in front of you,
for I am with you still..."

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