Thursday, September 11, 2008

I won't fall as long as You're around me...

There's a song I love by the band Needtobreathe, called "Washed by the Water" and what it meant never really hit me until today.
A lot has been happening lately, tests and trials that we've been through before, and I know that
without God's hand in my life, I would be in a place where I shouldn't be, doing things I shouldn't be doing. And even though it seems like God is just sitting back watching us go through these things again, I know He isn't.
Even when the world crumbles under my feet, I won't be moved, I won't fall into the trap satan makes of the lies that God never listens, that He doesn't care and that He just sits back and watches us go to hell. He's our net when we fall, He's the hand that catches us, the shoulder we can cry on, the reason to go on living for tomorrow.
When all these tests and trials come and we've either failed or succeeded, learning from our mistakes, He washes all of our sins away. He died for this reason.
Even when doubt comes,
even when the strorms come,
when the water rises, and tries to wash us away,
the River of Life comes and drowns us and washes us away in His love.
We sink in His grace, our hearts become one.
And we know that He'll get us through the things that we fear we'll never get out of, the things that seem to consume us, and we can let go and give it all to Him, because that's what He died for, His love is towards us, not against us.

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