Monday, April 19, 2010

Won't You dance with me oh Lover of my soul, to the song of all songs...

Let my every move be in Your presence.
Let my every step be in line right with Yours.
Oh my God, Oh Lover of my soul, lead me in every step. Guide me in every truth.
Fill me to overflowing with You, with Your presence.
Let my every move be a sweet smelling fragrance in Your nostrils, as every step I take worships You.
Let every word that comes out of my mouth please You. Let no idle word come from my heart. Let my lips utter nothing that You Yourself wouldn't say.
Guide & lead my every step. Speak to me the words You want me to say.
Let me not walk in the path of man, but of You. Let every challenge bring glory to Your name. Let me fail no test.
Let me only drown in You; in Your presence, Your love, Your overwhelming beauty...
Let Your love be my every word. Let Your feet move mine. Let every move I make, be beautiful in Your sight.
Let the mention of Your name make my heart dance.
Let my ears be so alert to every word You speak.
When Your Spirit moves, let me move with it.
Let everyday bring new revelation of You, of Your love, of Your heart.
Let my heart be after You, for without You, my heart would not beat.
Let my spirit dance with Yours. The most beautiful of dances..none could compare with ours; the beautiful dances we dance.
Let my mouth never stop singing Your praises.
Let my eyes see everything Yours do, the way Your eyes see.
Let my tongue dance with Your praises.
Let my hands surrender in praise to You. Let them never be idle.
Let the songs You sing over me be like none I've ever heard.
Let every note You sing, sing to my soul. Let every one move my heart. Let everyone refresh my soul.
Let Your eyes never leave me.
Let my eyes never leave You. Let them stay fixed on You, my prize, my goal.
Let my eyes ever be fixed on You.
Let no man capture my heart, my sight, my everything like You do.
Let everything else fade away, as You & I dance our dance for all eternity.
Let me never stop dancing.

Won't You dance with me, Oh
Lover of my soul,
to the song of all songs?
Romance me, Oh
Lover of my soul
to the song of all songs...


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Megan said...

wonderfully powerful...Shell, I didn't know you could write like this for Him.