Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am weary of holding it in...

I saw us on fire,
burning from the inside,
deep within.
A fire that couldn't be contained,
one that could never be put out.
There we stood,
arms raised,
bodies swaying,
tongues wagging wildly as our voices rose,
tears running...streaking down our faces.
Our hearts, the objects on fire,
went from crimson to pure,
as pure as ever.
Blood flowed over them...His blood,
and every stain was gone.
I watched as the fire started to spread,
we became transparent, as our whole bodies caught on fire,
it seemed to be burning brighter and brighter,
in the shape of our silhouettes,
wherever we went,
a little piece of someone else caught on fire.
We couldn't hide it,

we couldn't contain it,
we didn't want to.
How could we keep this to ourselves??
This fire was our life source,
without it we fell to the ground;
Breathing...but not.
Living...a lie.
Beating...of false hearts...filled with false love.
We couldn't move,
our hands stayed at our side,
Gasps...for the last breath of air,
our hands reached out and grasped at nothing...
and we were gone.
Without this fire we were cold, made of stone...
How can we keep this to ourselves??

"..But if I say,
'I will not mention Him, or speak anymore in His name,'
His word is in my heart like a fire,
a fire shut up in my bones.
I am weary of holding it in,
Indeed I cannot..."

Jeremiah 20~9

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Anonymous said...

Woo...makes me wanna get up and SHOUT!!! Incredibly powerful, awesome stuff there. I pray I will be included in the "we." God bless you and thank you for posting this!

- Brian M.